About Chris

I am a young photographer from South Jersey, and I’ve been taking pictures seriously for almost six years. I use my photography to bring you my view of the world, and the landscapes, people, and lifestyles that surround me. My interest in photography has evolved over the years to encompass many different styles and subjects, yet through all the change, the one thing that has remained the same is why I take pictures and make art: to show you how I see the world. Through my photos, you can see my ever-changing view of how the world is and how I think it should be. I ask that when you look at my photos, you try to see deeper than just the look of them, see the stories they tell and the moments and feelings that they capture.

I try to mix my creative eye and view of the world with realistic colors and photoshop processing. Photoshop has allowed me to enhance my photos, and helped me portray a more accurate representation of the way I see things.

This site is my blog, and it contains week-week updates, shoots, news, etc. If you are interested in my photography, you may check back every week for new photos, granted I’ve taken some. Please spread the word!

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