Pittsburgh in the summertime

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"Freak Train" - Kurt VileThese photos are from a week long trip to one of my favorite places on earth: Pittsburgh. This year, for my annual summer trip, we mixed up the usual debauchery and lack of exploration, and we decided to ride bikes all over the city, and explore some places we’d never been before. From the west end, to Fineview in the Northside, to Penn Brewery, to Homestead & Braddock, to abandoned barges on the rivers, to dive bars in Greenfield, to Josza Corner, to Hazelwood, to The Run, to lower Lawrenceville, we did a lot of new stuff on this round in the Burgh. As always, I have a ton of photos (65 on here to be exact), so I hope you enjoy them, and the attached Kurt Vile song (“Freak Train”), which is currently one of my favorites. Until next time.



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