Hailey, Neon, and the Wildwoods

Hailey 04web

Hailey 10web

Film 581web

Hailey 11web

Hailey 14web

Hailey (2 of 8)web

Hailey (3 of 8)web

Film 591web

Hailey 19web

Film 588web



Film 582web

Film 583web

Hailey 22web

Film 584web

Hailey 16web

Film 587web

Hailey 21web

Film 592web

Hailey 23web

These photos were all taken down the shore as my last effort to get some actually “summery” photos this summer. I’ve been taking really urban photos this whole summer, so I wanted to try and get a few shots that felt more like summer. So, when Hailey asked me if I wanted to do a shoot, I went for it. Unfortunately, we were a little late for sunset the night we shot, so instead we headed up to Ocean City and shot around some of the classic motels and seashore-looking stuff up there. The rest of the motel photos and neon photos were taken in the great bastion of neon-signage: Wildwood. Most of them were long exposures taken on my tripod. I’m really glad with the way that all these shots turned out, and I’m really glad I got some summer photos before the summer ended. Hopefully soon, I’ll have my Pittsburgh photos posted, after I scan three more rolls of film next week. And, now that school is starting and I’m back in New York, I should have some NYC photos to put up soon. I’m excited to be back in the city, and I plan on doing more photographing this year than I ever have, so we’ll see how that goes. Until next time…



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