Around the Riverwards & Various Philly

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Film 515webFilm 516web"Baby Missiles" - The War On Drugs Three weeks ago, my friend and I spent the weekend in Philly. We roamed around the Riverwards, near the Reading Viaduct, and through South Philly a bit, and also made it up to the PSFS Building, now the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, to take some great skyline pictures. It’s been a while since I’ve properly walked around Philly, and I’m glad i finally got to do it, even if the pictures came so late after I went. I’ve finally been getting around to some places that I’ve always wanted to see in Philly, and I plan on doing almost the same thing this weekend, as I’m planning on staying in Philly again. This weekend, I’ll likely be hitting the same areas in Port Richmond and Fishtown, and I’m hoping to get some better pictures of a few of the churches on Church Alley. I’m going to try and take a few pictures inside St Adalbert’s, and I’m also going to finally see the tunnel portion of the potential Rail Park and take some pictures of that as well.

I’ve said before that I really love Philly, since it’s more or less the first city i ever experienced. It’s very urban, very dense, and contains some really cool, unique neighborhoods that are hard to find anywhere else. Unlike many people that live in New York, I love Philly, and I think that it has massive potential to be a much better city than it already is. Philly’s rowhouse streets have a certain charm to them, and its size is just big enough to feel like a large city, while still having distinct neighborhoods that maintain a small-town feel. I’m really satisfied with this set of photos, as I think they capture the urban feel of Philadelphia, and I’m really excited to spend another weekend in Philly this weekend.



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