New York, I Miss You

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, considering how many photos I’ve been shooting lately, but at long last, here is the first set of shots that I’ve taken recently. These, as you may be able to tell, were all taken in New York. I was there three weeks ago for a weekend, and I walked a bit downtown, from the East Village down to TriBeCa and back up through Soho, and then up the east side through Midtown East, over the Queensboro, through Long Island City and into Astoria. These photos were taken in all those neighborhoods. Also, the final photo is of the George Washington Bridge in Harlem. My friend and I drove Manhattan from tip to tip in an effort to avoid Holland Tunnel traffic, and it worked quite well all things told, since the bridge was nearly empty. It still astounds me how few entrances and exits there are from the island of Manhattan.

I’m really missing New York this summer. I was missing it a lot more in the beginning than I am now, but every time I go back for a visit, I love being there. The city in the summer is a whole new animal, as street cafes open, more people walk outside, and there is so much more to see. In an effort to counteract my missing New York, I’ve been walking around and exploring Philly a bit more, and I got down to DC a few weekends ago, so there will be more photos from those excursions to come. I’ve been loving Philly this summer, and I’m finally getting out to see some areas and cool things that I’ve never seen before (Reading Viaduct most especially), so I have some shots that I really like to come from Philly soon.
Stay tuned for the next post from DC, and Philly shortly thereafter, and then likely more Philly, and then…probably more Philly.

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