Over the Hill, To the Mill

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Bethlehem is a beautiful small city. Last week, since it was my last week before I started work for the summer, me and my friend took a drive out to Bethlehem. I think I’ve already taken better photos of the blast furnaces and hot blast stoves on my previous trip to Bethlehem, but this time I think I got a slightly better feel of the neighborhood surrounding the mill. This neighborhood on a hill overlooking the mill is stereotypical of a steeltown. It sits on a hill, as most steeltown neighborhoods do, since mills typically sit on the edges of rivers for cheap access to shipping and coal imports, and they need mountains over which to dump slag, a waste product of steel. I wanted to capture this graveyard because it was made famous by Walker Evans in a photo he took here back in the 1930’s, and a favorite photographer of mine, Patrick Joust, also took a photo of the mill from this graveyard. It’s symbolic for obvious reasons that I’ll let you figure out, but overall, it has to be one of my favorite views I’ve ever seen. I hope to one day come back here to get better shots on a less grainy film, since I wasn’t using the film I would have wanted to use and I didn’t have a tripod. I still like the way these came out, but I know I could do them better, so maybe this summer, maybe some other time, but either way, I could never run out of reasons to go to Bethlehem. Until next time…


P.S., those first photos are of old supermarket signage from Ahart’s Market in Bethlehem, which is a quality old school grocery store. I love old grocery store signs.


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