Midnight in Brooklyn; Exploring New York in 3 days or less

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"Necessary Evil" - Unknown Mortal Orchestra I got four rolls of film back from the lab the other day. They’ve been accumulating for quite some time now, and some of these photos date back to the beginning of last month. Others that I have yet to post are from a couple days ago. The only thing that the above photos have in common is that they were taken in New York. Unfortunately, these may be my last New York photos for a while. Just when I was beginning to get a fresh whim of inspiration for capturing New York City, I had to leave to come back home to work. Hopefully these aren’t my last photos from the city for the summer, because the city is so photogenic in the summer. I plan on trying to get back up for a couple weekends to take pictures, whether or not that happens, we’ll see…

Most of these were taken when I had some friends up for a few days, and they reflect most of the places that we went in the span of three days. From the Village to Williamsburg, the East Village, the Upper East Side, Harlem, Long Island City, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Brighton Beach, Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Sunset Park, the East Village and then back home. Those several days after finals and before work went by in a flash. We did a lot of exploring in those three days. I’ve been really getting out in the city more and there’s always so much to show people, but I’m happy with the variety of places we got to see. My favorite photos from this series are probably the ones from Williamsburg looking over the East River at midnight, the ones from sunset park, and the ones of the basketball game, which took place at the West 4th St. courts, where there’s always something interesting happening.

I already have photos from my most recent visit to Bethlehem, Pa to post at some point, and I’m holding off some photos from Coney Island to post with other photos I took of Atlantic City and some that I will take of Asbury Park this weekend to complete a montage of beach town photos. Enjoy these ones, and enjoy the Unknown Mortal Orchestra song paired with them, which genuinely captures the laid back feelings of the start of summer for me, and keep an eye out for the next post from Bethlehem in the coming days.



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