The Start of Summer in the City

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"Wakin' on a pretty day" - Kurt Vile Along with the roll I posted here last week, I’m really proud of this roll of film. I shot it over the past two weeks, and I really wanted to capture the feeling of summer in the city. Every photo on this roll was taken with my 28mm wide angle lens, and I really like it. The photos from this roll involve some more walks around my own neighborhood, a few walks around midtown, and a walk from prospect park and park slope all the way down through Sunset Park to Bay Ridge. I hope you enjoy these ones as much as I love them. I’ve been really enjoying shooting with this lens that I’ve rediscovered and I even have another roll in my camera shooting with said lens right now. I’ve already shot in Harlem, Astoria, and Jackson Heights, and I’m hoping to get some more shots of when I go to Coney Island tomorrow and roam around Sheepshead Bay a bit. I hope I can actually get some more night pictures from my neighborhood, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point. In any event, enjoy the photos and keep your eyes peeled for the next two or three rolls coming up soon, with more evening light, summery goodness.



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