Night Scenes & Rainy Days Under the El

Film 183web

Film 202web

Film 186web

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Film 194web

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Film 199web

Film 207web

"Blue Boy" - Mac DeMarco I took a while uploading these photos since I’ve been busy with the end of the school year, so sorry for the delay to the few people that actually read this blog anymore, but here they are finally. This is a roll that spanned about two weeks, and actually includes some photos from my own neighborhood: the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I don’t know why I never looked to my own neighborhood as a good place to take pictures, but for some reason, I overlooked it every time I shot film in New York. I think now that I’ve been using my 28mm lens more, I’ve begun to take a slightly different style of pictures, and I like the drawn back look of the 28mm as opposed to a more zoomed in lens like a 50mm. The 28mm gives me such a nice wide frame and really lets me get up close and personal with the things I photograph. This time around, there’s night scenes from the East Village, including a laundromat, a grocery store, and a car, a photo of the Manhattan Bridge, some shots under the El in South Williamsburg, and two photos from the Lower East to finish things off: dollar pizza and another car. I’ve been digging old cars lately, so expect to see more.

I have another roll in the works that I was really happy didn’t get ruined after I accidentally took it through an x-ray security thing when going into a building. I have a lot of schoolwork to get done this week, so I honestly don’t know when I’ll get around to scanning that, but when I do I should hopefully have the photos up right away. I’m already starting to work on another roll though, because New York in the beginning of summer is a magical place. Enjoy



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