Red Hook & Various Manhattan

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Twin Peaks - "Wild Onion" So about two weeks ago at this point, I took the IKEA ferry, which is free on weekends, over to Red Hook, a small enclave of Brooklyn that is cut off from most transit access besides one bus route and is attached to waterfront, physically and in spirit. Red Hook is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Brooklyn that I’ve been to, and taking the IKEA ferry to get there was a pleasure. The ferry rides past the Red Hook shipping terminal, with its massive cranes towering over the water, and then rides past numerous small mid 19th century warehouses, most of which have been repurposed for such uses as art storage, offices, and even a large grocery store. The IKEA store itself was fairly controversial, since it took the place of the Todd Shipyard, which had been a major source of employment for the neighborhood’s working class residents until the late 1980’s when it was closed. Many area residents wanted something that would bring more blue collar jobs, but IKEA prevailed and has proven a fairly good anchor of revitalization for the neighborhood.

The most fascinating part of the IKEA development for me is the park that memorializes the Todd Shipyard. The park kept the cranes and piers intact and is largely designed to be an as-is type of park, minus the paving that was done. It is a great example of a park that utilizes a site’s industrial legacy to its advantage and it creates a powerful monument to the millions of people who worked in Todd Shipyard, before and after its peak during WWII.

The rest of these photos are mostly just street photography. I shot them with my point and shoot Canon AF35ML, and I’ve been trying to shoot a bit more street style lately, although I don’t think Ektar is the right film for street photography. There are also some shots here taken with a Holga 120N, which I actually really enjoyed shooting and I’m fairly pleased with. I really like these, and they’re some of my first halfway decent medium format shots. I plan on getting a good medium format camera at some point soon, since I ultimately want to shoot more medium format, and when I upgrade my scanner, I’ll be able to scan my own medium format negatives, so I won’t have to pay the absurd cost of getting medium format converted to a CD.

Stay tuned for more photos to come later this week of adventures under the Broadway El, laundromats, and classic cars…



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