When The Rivers Freeze Over


Citi Storage

539 Driggs

539 Driggs II

Newtown Creek I

Newtown Creek II

Newtown Creek III

Domino II

East River Ice Floes

Katz's Send a Salami

Cast Iron

Broome Street

"Peaches" - The Districts These photos are mostly from a freezing cold Presidents’ Day spent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s been a while since I’ve really properly walked around Greenpoint, in fact this is by far the most I’ve ever captured of Greenpoint. Although all of my photos didn’t quite turn out how I was hoping, most came out pretty good considering how cold it was. There’s a few here of Domino, the abandoned storefront of 539 Driggs Ave, the sanitation facility on the Newtown Creek as seen from the Byrne Bridge, ice floes in the East River, Katz’s Deli in the Lower East Side and some scenes from Broome St. in SoHo to finish things off. These were all taken on Kodak Ektar 100, a film I still have mixed feelings about, mostly because it’s ISO 100, which I don’t like to shoot too much because it’s not very versatile. But the shots that were taken in broad daylight definitely turned out pretty good. I just wish more of the ones I had taken indoors didn’t turn out so dark.

I may possibly have a shoot next week, which I haven’t done in ages, so keep an eye open for that, as well as some possible medium format Holga photos, since I just bought a Holga recently. Beyond that, I should have more photos once it warms up. It’s quite simply too cold to take pictures some days, so once things begin to thaw, which should be soon, I should be out and about more.

Also, click on the album cover next to the text. I saw The Districts live recently and picked up their new album and they kill it.



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