The Walt Whitman & Towers of Philly





City Hall

"Memory Boy" - DeerhunterThese are the first of many photos to come in the next couple of weeks. These shots are from South Philly at John’s Roast Pork and from underneath the Walt Whitman. I’ve never really gotten an appropriate shot of the Walt Whitman, but I think this is as good a job as I’ll ever do capturing it. It’s such a beautiful bridge, but so hard to photograph because you can’t get very close to it. The docks rule the waterfront on either side of the river and there’s no walkway over it. So you have to either shoot it from a distance or while driving, and I never really got a very good one while driving. After that there are a couple of FDR, which I haven’t been to in ages. It felt good to get back down there, but I was definitely pretty rusty. I will be going back soon though. And after FDR are some photos from Center City which I took before going to Kutztown before New Years. The skyscrapers pictured are Evo at Cira South, the Mellon Bank Center, and of course, City Hall, which I finally caught in a good light. Then, there’s a few from Reading Terminal, which a constant wellspring of photographable things. I will always have a soft spot for Reading Terminal.

I have a roll that I still need to finish of photos I took on a visit to Bethlehem, PA to see the repurposed steel mill there. I’m really excited about those ones, but I won’t have them back until next week, after I get back from a trip to Pittsburgh, so keep an eye out for lots of new photos. This is the most productive I’ve been in ages in terms of photography.



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