Riverside Drive & Misc. New York

Riverside Dr

Phone Booth

F Train elevated

F Train Elevated

Red Hook Grain Elevator





These photos are a bit of a mix from a couple of different walks in NYC before my Christmas break started. The first few were taken on a cloudy day in Harlem, under the Riverside Drive bridge, which I plan on getting some better pictures of, and the surrounding area. I’ve never been up to Harlem before, so it was interesting to take a walk up there, and based on what I saw, I definitely want to go back and get some more shots uptown. The next couple of photos are from a walk through Gowanus and Red Hook from when a couple friends, Nick and Kyle, came up to see me in the city. As you may know, I’ve been to Gowanus plenty of times, but Red Hook was new, and really interesting. I’m going to go back when I get back to the city from break and get some better pictures, but I really liked the areas I did see up there, and I was especially impressed with how the IKEA there blended in with the industrial surroundings and maintained the industrial spirit of the Erie Basin shipyard. There’s also a few photos of the Seagram Building at the end of this set. I did a research project this semester for my Modern Architecture class which talked quite a bit about the Seagram Building and how it is the ultimate expression of modern materials and of the new age of architecture. Read into it a bit if you have some time, it’s a beautiful, important, and impressive building.

I have some more photos getting developed at the lab tomorrow, so stay tuned for some photos from Philly which I’m excited about, and soon I’ll have photos from my trip to Bethlehem, PA, where Nick and I went to tour the new development around the old Bethlehem Steel mill. I’m really excited about those ones, so keep an eye out sometime in the near future.



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