Newtown Creek & Misc. Other Stuff

"Cinnamon Girl" - Neil YoungRecently, I made a trip to the Newtown Creek in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I plan on going back soon to get some better pictures when the sun isn’t high in the sky like it was the day I shot. The Newtown Creek is, similar to the Gowanus Canal which I’ve been taking so many pictures of, an industrial creek that has suffered bad pollution from an oil spill in the 1970’s cause by an oil company on the creek. Unlike the Gowanus, which has seen significant cleaning efforts and whose pollution levels have reduced dramatically, the Newtown Creek is still fairly toxic. I accessed it through the Bushwick Branch of the LIRR tracks which mostly serve as tracks to transport industrial waste, but which no longer cross the creek. You may remember some of the locations that I shot from a post last year when I first checked out the area.

Also, I attached some miscellaneous photos that I took in the Upper West Side, SoHo and the Lower East Side. I’m going to try and shoot the roll of film that is in my camera from Thanksgiving break and contains photos of the Italian Market and Reading Terminal in Philly, and I plan on getting out sometime next week after I finish the majority of the assignments that I have to do for finals in school. After finals are over, I’m going to try and shoot a bit more, so maybe I’ll have some more consistent sets of photos for you, but until then…



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