The Grain Elevator Rises Bold & Stark



Sanitation Dept. Cranes


Vacancy on the Canal

Vacancy on the Canal II

Vacancy on the Canal III

Red Hook Grain Elevator

Gowanus Industies

Fire Hydrant

Red Hook Grain Elevator II

"Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" - Elton JohnThese shots are of Gowanus, again. I’ve really been liking this area lately, as is probably evident from the three posts I’ve made on it. It’s an industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, with a once highly polluted canal running through the middle. The canal used to serve as a major shipping canal and dumping grounds for the industrial facilities that lined it. Today, only light industrial uses remain in Gowanus. While most of the heavy industrial polluters have left and gone elsewhere, the canal still deals with the pollution, and since it was declared a superfund site in 2010, the EPA has poured millions of dollars into its restoration, and the city plans to introduce more residential uses around the canal, using the canal as a High Line of sorts, that is to say, a piece of decaying industrial infrastructure to be re-purposed and used to spur new development. As New York continues to deal with a housing crisis, a re-zoning of certain parts of the Gowanus could help to alleviate the high demand seen in Brooklyn for Transit-Oriented development.

My most recent trip included a visit to the Red Hook Grain Elevator, and abandoned grain elevator that has more or less sat vacant since it was built by the Port Authority in 1922. The Grain Elevator serves as a monument to the industrial past of Brooklyn, and stands quite regal on its pier near the canal. I plan on getting some more photos of it soon, but I’m also planning on taking pictures of other neighborhoods. Anyway, keep an eye out for more photos in the future.



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