On the Banks of the Old Canal

by chrisgiuliano

EV Tenement

EV Tenement II

BMW near Tompkins

Ave B & Tompkins

Bleecker Subway Stop

Coal Yard Neon

Gowanus 9/11 Mural

Gowanus Expwy


Gowanus I

Gowanus II

Stray Cat

Gowanus Lot

Gowanus Canal

Under the Expressway

On the Banks of the Old Canal

Cement Plant

The End

"Salvation" - Elton John These photos are from the past couple of weeks in the city. I went back home for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, to shoot set photos for my friend’s film that he’s making. One or two of those may appear in the “Autumn” section of the website at some point. I went out to California over fall break, too, but I didn’t really shoot much film. I only shot digital out there, so I probably won’t end up posting those here. But either way, here are some photos around the East Village and parts of Brooklyn. And the song of the week is “Salvation” by Elton John from Honky Chateau. Enjoy.