A few photos and a lot of memories

by chrisgiuliano

Junction Hollow

Junction Hollow II


Schenley Park Bridge

The Climb

The Climb II

Junction Hollow at Sunset

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

The Strip

The Strip II

Penn Ave.

The Strip III

Under the Bridge

"Out On The Weekend" - Neil YoungThese photos are a bit late, and quite frankly a bit too few, but here are my photos of my most recent trip to Pittsburgh. Although not quite as epic as my last trip, I still enjoyed my stay in the Burgh, as I always do, and got some great pictures from the paltry single roll of film I shot. I really have no idea when the next time I’ll be back will be, since I probably won’t have enough time until next semester, or Winter Break at the very least, but I think some time away from the Burgh is always good, sine it’ll give me time to romanticize it more so I can give you more epic photos and writings.

I was in California over my Fall Break, which was a great time, and I may or may not post some photos from that, but I’m going home this weekend and will likely shoot quite a bit for a short film that my friend is making, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise I don’t have much planned for the coming weeks, and I’m quite happy to possibly relax a bit, but we’ll see if that goes as planned.