Gowanus Canal & Miscellaneous NYC


Gowanus House

Gowanus Canal


Gowanus Canal II

Beer Pier


2nd Ave Subway

Chinatown Vacancy

Lower East Graffiti

Under the Queens El

Red Hook Car

Under the F Train


Into the Canal

Gowanus Canal III

Gowanus Canal IV

Sunset Park Houses

Subway Ride

"When You Dance I Can Really Love" - Neil Young These photos are from a couple walks through Gowanus, Red Hook, the Lower East Side, and Sunset Park. They were all taken with my 35mm point and shoot, and I love how they look. I’m planning on getting back to Gowanus this week to get some better pictures of the canal, which is pictured in this post. In other news, I’m heading back out to Pittsburgh in two weeks, and I’m going to try and see a few concerts over the weekend, so hopefully I have a few more rolls of film to show you. In the meantime, enjoy the industrial streets of Gowanus as seen by through my point and shoot on a couple of sunny fall days…



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