Rompin’ Round Pittsburgh

Pier St at Dawn

Wholey's Meat Market

Penn Ave

Wholey's II

PPG Building

Point Park

The Fountain

Three Bridges

Railroad Ave

Above Railroad Ave


Jerry's II

Joe Mama's


Rooftop II

Rooftop III

Atwood House


Mt Washington

Rolling Rock

CN Locomotive

Smithfield St. Bridge

Dunseith St. Dusk

Dunseith House

Dunseith Dusk


Polish Hill


CSX Freighters

Polish Hill House

Iron City Brewery

Polish Hill Graffiti

"No Surrendur" - Bruce Springsteen What can I even say to add to these photos? I spent a whole week in Pittsburgh last week, living it up, doing awesome things, eating good food, drinking good beer, seeing plenty of motorcycles, railroads, and abandoned factories, listening to Johnny Cash, Creedence, Bruce and Smoove Grooves, watching a couple sunrises, looking down classic Pittsburgh Streets, partying on the Pier St garage, gazing at the Cloud Factory, loving, living, and quite simply doing things right. I wished it would never end, and the eleven hours it took me to get back to the Jersey Shore were eleven of the most agonizing and depressing hours of my life to date, knowing that it’s probably going to be a long time before I get back out to the Burgh. But, as Bruce once said, you can’t start a fire sitting ’round, cryin’ with a broken heart, so until next time, Pittsburgh, see ya ’round.



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