Sunny Saturdays – The City in the Summer

Great Jones

Ben's on a Friday Night


Williamsburg Bridge

Skyline Peepers

Skyline II

Williamsburg House

Skyline from the Jetty

Williamsburg Houses II



East Side Gourmet

MacDougal Street

8th Ave

Time Warner Center

View from the 'Scape

Katz's Neon

Katz's II

"Back To The Middle" - Deerhunter This weekend was awesome, My cousin Colin came up to spend the weekend in the city and do crazy things and experience life with me, and that’s exactly what we did.  It was also my first full weekend back in the city since May, so I had a lot of walking to do. Although I didn’t really cover much new ground, I did manage to get some great pictures from places I’ve been before but never sufficiently captured. Enjoy these shots from Downtown, Williamsburg, the East Side, and Columbus Circle, and get ready for the onslaught of Pittsburgh photos coming your way next week, since I’m going out for and entire week to visit my friend Nick, whom you all should know and love by now. Deerhunter is the soundtrack to this set.



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