Sunrises and Surf


Sunrise II

The Count


Rojo's II

Midder Paul



Movement II

Movement III

Movement IV


Expert Tailoring

Laundromat Chairs

Best Donuts on Earth

"Tonight You Belong To Me" - Eddie Vedder Sunrise in New York, from the fire escape of 172 Thompson, World Trade Center & Empire State Building, taking life in and drinking good beer in one long rumbling fantastic weekend with some fantastic people. The Count was strong. Second Rojo’s of the season, surfing in Ocean City, coming off the beach, Chalupas to greet me, sun going down over Ocean Ave., man segwaying down the street (?!) ((that’s not normal)… waves, waves, more waves, offshore winds, barrels, cold water, sunsets. Midder Paul, barbecue at 7th & Bay, walking through OC on 4th of July, fireworks, water ice, neon, and finished off with half a dozen of the world’s best donuts (Brown’s on the boardwalk) the morning after, sugar and vanilla glaze in the morning, smell of donuts frying, knowing there are moments when it’s really all great.



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