Domino & Bridges

City Hall

JFK Boulevard




Williamsburg Bridge

Artery of the City




Sleeping Giants



LES Skatepark

Coleman Skatepark

Manhattan Bridge "Coronado" - DeerhunterMy first photos since the Pittsburgh trip have not disappointed me. Since the point and shoot camera worked so well in Pittsburgh I decided I was going to shoot again with it in New York, and to my satisfaction, these shots turned out almost exactly as I was hoping. They’re sufficiently “snapshotty” while still being carefully composed and delicately thought out. Not all of these photos were taken on the same roll, the two from Philly in the beginning are from the last of my Pittsburgh roll on the way back, but the rest are all from one successful roll shot in NYC. There’s some shots of the Deerhunter concert I saw (they are linked above in the album picture that precedes the text), which was absolutely amazing. There’s also some from the Williamsburg Bridge, which I felt before this that I had never sufficiently captured. I’m planning on shooting the Bridge again this weekend, so keep the eyes peeled for some even better shots soon.

There’s also some shots from the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg. Being an Urban Studies major, my classes have been talking quite a bit about this forlorn monument of Brooklyn’s industrial past. Given the gentrification that’s occurred in North Brooklyn over the last 10 years, this site is now really valuable, and a developer (two trees, who basically developed the entire DUMBO neighborhood further to the South) are planning to convert the site into a large complex of apartments. There have been a lot of issues concerning affordable housing, schooling for the new inhabitants the development would bring to the neighborhood, and the design for the project. I wanted to get over to see and shoot the Domino building before it receives its proposed glass cap on top. These are essentially my attempt to capture this factory, although I may try to get some more next time I’m in that area this weekend.

The last few photos are from the LES Coleman Skatepark, which I have vowed to capture both in a better light and with a wider lens. This skatepark, under the Manhattan Bridge, has a great urban feel. Besides, of course, the temple of urban skateboarding that is FDR in Philly, this park is a close second for the best urban feel in a skatepark that I’ve ever experienced. This has become my new spot, so keep an eye out for more from Coleman in the future.

Also, if you have any sense, listen to The War On Drugs‘ new record, Lost In The Dream. It is simply amazing, and contains some of the best guitar playing I’ve heard in a long time. It’s refreshing, beautiful, expansive, uplifting, and just an all around fantastic piece of music. Oh, and this article written about the record, and about roadtripping through Pennsylvania, just about sums up my feelings on The War On Drugs, and possibly life. Until next time…



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