Pennsylvania Style

Old Chub


Film 111web


Primanti Bros

Joe Mama's

Pennsylvania Style

Film 115web




Film 119web

Film 93web

Film 121web

Film 92web

Film 123web

Film 125web


Rubber Factory

Sonny's Tavern

ExileMainStWell, here it is. The biggest photo post I’ve ever made, with over 40 photos. This past weekend I went to Pittsburgh, and it was one of the best weekends of the year. I won’t go into a ton of detail where I went and what I did, I think the allure of Pittsburgh and the myths that seem to surround it are best left to the imagination. All I can say is that Pittsburgh is a fantastic land of neon signage, railroad tracks, cheap beer, diverse neighborhoods, and kick ass food & architecture. Basically, Pittsburgh is capital of the Rust Belt, and I hope that if nothing else, these photos capture Pittsburgh’s rust belt America aesthetic. I had a fantastic time in the Steel City, and I’m already thinking about my return trip. Viva la Burgh…



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