Winter Walks

Brooklyn Bridge I

Brooklyn Bridge II




Park Avenue

Cross at the Met

Empire State

Midtown Neon

Flushing & Broadway

Canyons of FiDi

In the Distance

"Perennials" - Widowspeak I’m not super proud of this roll. All things said, it turned out pretty nicely, but I had some high hopes for Ektar, the film I used. It’s partially my fault, since I don’t think I put myself in proper situations to make this film show its true colors (no pun intended). But, either way, this is what I have. Ektar is a 100 speed film that Kodak produces in lieu of Kodachrome’s discontinuation. It boasts the world’s finest grain, and in that respect it looks awesome. From what I’ve heard, it works really nicely in slightly overexposed, sunny scenes. So I tried to capture some late afternoon sunlight, but was probably a bit too early, and I feel like I didn’t get exactly what I was hoping for. But these are from all around Manhattan and a walk under the Broadway El in Brooklyn (you didn’t think I’d leave it out, did you?). The last shot was taken from the Staten Island Ferry, which I plan on shooting from again, and capturing a bit better next time.

I’ll be heading out west to the Burgh (Pittsburgh) this weekend, and I’m extremely excited. In my two days that I’ll have, I’m hoping to cover as much ground and shoot as much film as is humanly possible. This week I picked up a point and shoot film camera (Canon af35ml) for $14 on amazon, which is a steal, cause this camera is pretty awesome for a point and shoot and functions perfectly. I’m going to use it for the first time in Pittsburgh, so fingers crossed it works smoothly, 80’s cameras tend to malfunction on me when I need them most. But my goal is to shoot some more street style, spontaneous photos with the af35ml, as well as some more planned and composed shots like the ones I usually take with my AE-1. Check back for the Pittsburgh photos sometime around mid week next week! Until then…



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