Walking the Triborough with Rebecca


"Buzzcut Season" - LordeIn addition to the roll I posted two days ago, I took these shots with Rebecca over the weekend. I wanted to get some shots on one of the bridges in the city, and I thought the Triborough would be the best bet, since its walkway is easy to get to, really quiet in terms of pedestrians, the design is iconic, and the walkway is not separated from the roadway by fences. It has one of the best urban feelings of any bridge in New York City and that’s what I think is conveyed best in photos six and seven. I haven’t really shot any portraits in a long time, but my thanks go out to Rebecca for shooting these with me and looking awesome. I think they turned out exactly as I’d hoped, and they’re some of my favorite portraits that I’ve done in a long time. Who knows, maybe I’ll start taking more photos of people again, but I think the reason I like these so much is because they express the urban feeling that I’ve been trying to capture.

As always, thanks for checking out my photos, and keep checking back over the next few weeks for some new photos, I am stocked up on film and new lenses and am trying to shoot a lot more!



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