Grand Urban Vistas & El Bridges

From the Manhattan Bridge

Walking up the Bridge

Dumpling Signage in Chinatown


The Narrows


Towers on the Bowery

Lower East Graffiti

Towery Bowery Pt II

Broadway El

Broadway Triangle

Under the El

Donut Pub

Donut Pub Pt. II

Roosevelt Island Tram

"Smoke Screen" - Pity SexSo, after a really long winter break, I’m finally back at school. I had a nice, long, relaxing break away from any work and the constant pace of the city. So, it’s been nice coming back and seeing the city with fresh eyes after being away for quite a while. For a time last semester, things were getting sort of stale and I had lost a lot of that inspiration I originally felt when I made the initial move. Things were getting monotonous and school was getting really tough. So, I feel refreshed after a long time off and a long time at my house, surrounded by nature and the woods. These past two weeks that I’ve been at school have gone by pretty quickly, and I’ve been trying to go out and shoot more frequently than I did last semester. I have tons of new film to shoot, and I plan on trying out some different films to see what I like best, these shots were taken on Kodak Portra 400, which I like quite a bit for evening shots and sunsets.

These are mostly from a walk on the Manhattan Bridge, a walk under the El in Bushwick, and a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram. I’m really happy with these photos, I think I achieved exactly what I was going for, that is, grand urban views. It’s tough to find high up spots in the city to overlook the buildings without going in buildings or paying to go on expensive observation decks. So these are the urban vistas that are more accessible and I think more enjoyable.

I also have some more photos to be posted mid week from the first photoshoot I’ve done in a while with a person, and I’m really excited about those shots, so keep an eye out for them around Tuesday or Wednesday, and then hopefully I’ll have more photos to post after next week when some of my friends come to visit. Then in two weeks, it’s off to Pittsburgh for me, which I really can’t wait for. You may recall my post from the Burgh last year, which was one of my favorite sets of photos I’ve ever shot. So I’m super excited to explore the Steel City once again. All this by way of saying keep checking back throughout February, I have exciting plans.



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