Industry & The Urban Feel in Philadelphia

A Pillow of Clouds

The Mini



Frankford Ave

Under the El

Kurt Vile Mural

El Part II


El Part III

Willow Steam Generation Plant


Rob in the Bowl



Walt Whitman

"New You" - My Bloody Valentine This has been my Winter Break thus far. Besides of course coming home and celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, my family took a trip out to Utah to snowboard. Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying the mountain and so I didn’t take many photos except the two from the plane at the top. Besides going to Utah, I’ve been skating a lot, and I made a few trips to my home away from home, FDR. Whenever I’m home I try to get over to FDR as much as possible cause there’s no skatepark like it, and no skatepark in NYC is quite as good.

The rest of these photos are shots from around Philly. I’ve been shooting a lot of industrial stuff lately if you couldn’t tell (btw, if you also like industrial stuff, listen to My Bloody Valentine, attached here, their music has an industrial vibe), and I took some shots of the CSX trains down in Greenwich Yard in South Philly. Trains are one of my latest obsessions, and it’s pretty cool that there’s such a big yard in Philly, where both Norfolk Southern and CSX ship out of. I also shot the abandoned Willow Steam Generation Plant in North Philly with my friend Rob. The Willow Plant has been abandoned for a while now. I’ve always wanted to check it out. It’s an old steam generating power plant that was once used by PECO (Philadelphia Electric Co.), but was abandoned because it was not needed anymore. It’s been blocked off by the Fire Department due to the huge amounts of asbestos in the walls, so demolition is out of the question. Now, it holds down the corner of 9th & Willow as a symbol of North Philadelphia’s former industrial might and current relative abandonment. Some of the other photos are from a drive under the El bridge in Kensington. Again, I’ve always wanted to see the El, but just never really got the chance to get up and take a look. Me and Rob (pictured 4th to last photo)  checked that out as well, stopping by the Kurt Vile mural at Front and Master streets on the way back.

I’ve got some good stuff planned for the next few months, and I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately, with plenty of ideas for new photos. I’ve finally gotten my scanner problems resolved, I got a new lens (28mm f.2.8) for the AE-1, and also picked up my other AE-1 body that gets less light leaks. I’m hoping that with all these new investments I’ll never have light leak problems, discoloration, or darkened photos again. It seems this roll came out pretty good, so I’m confident, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. I also plan on shooting a lot more in NYC once I get back for the second semester, so keep checking back, or checking the facebook page, for further updates! Until then…



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