December’s Best



Gothic Houses

NYC Apartments

Hot Bagels

Under the El

Sicilian Pizza

Trucks in Queens

Under the Hell's Gate

RFK/Triborough Bridge

Queens Rooftops


Hell's Gate

Queens Grocery

No Trespassing

Schuylkill Rail Yards

Inside Cira Centre



The Thing



Bayard-Condict Building

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Bushwick Trains

Bushwick Trains II

Fenced Off

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new photos. It’s not because I haven’t taken any, rather it’s because I was waiting to get my new scanner that I got for Christmas this year. Learning how to use the scanner properly was a bit treacherous, but I’ve managed to get some pretty good scans after almost 5 hours of working to get them right. Scanner troubles aside, these photos are from Manhattan, Queens, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn. Some are from the Met, some from a walk around Gramercy, some from Astoria, Queens, some from 30th st station in Philly, and the last few from East Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It’s been a busy month between finals and the holidays and what not, so I kind of just shot whatever, since I usually didn’t have a ton of time to take photos. Anyway, hope you like these, and expect to see some more photos soon, since I got a whole bunch of film for Christmas as well!



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