Grand Central in B&W

Main Concourse


Up The Ramp

Walking Up The Ramp

In Between Trains

The Waiters

Clock II

East Restrooms



The Ticketing Machine

There are two things in photography that I don’t do a lot of: digital and Black & White. Today, in an unexpected (well, not really) turn of events, I decided to do both. Inspired by a scene in Louis CK’s show, “Louie”, I headed to Grand Central to shoot some black & white photos of the afternoon in the terminal. The main reason I shot digital was because it’s a lot easier to shoot street style with a digital camera, as today I was hoping to shoot people a bit more, and it doesn’t take me so long to compose a photo like it does with my 35mm camera. Anyway, I really like these shots, and Grand Central as a whole, even though it doesn’t compare to the old Penn Station. I really liked the feeling of Grand Central, too. It reminded me a lot of 30th St. Station in Philly, which is a bit more familiar to me. These stations, both takes on Classical architectural styles, have a lot more of a laid back feeling than does the new Penn Station, which I think may be the most poorly designed modern train station for a big city. Grand Central and 30th St make you enjoy traveling a lot more than Penn does.

Enjoy these photos, and expect to see a few more rolls of film posted before Christmas. I’m currently working through two rolls in two separate cameras.



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