Empty East Village Lot

Ray's Pizza Neon

Pulaski Skyway

The Bronco

Red Van

B.L. England Plant

The Bay

Mr. Bill's

Romanesque Church Graveyard

Neptune Diner

Street Chair

Norfolk Southern Trains

Norfolk Southern in B&W

"Chrome Waves" - Ride These photos have no theme or thread to them. They encompass my last two weekends of travel, which included home and Ocean City, and Lancaster, PA. I’m not particularly proud of the way these shots turned out due to the obnoxious light leaks and dark, poorly developed (I will never use a lab with Kodak machines again) nature. I have resolved to fix the constant huge light leaks that I’m getting with my AE-1, until I can get my other AE-1 from the shore house, where it currently resides. Anyway, I think some of these shots, and definitely the ones I took with my polaroid, turned out pretty good.

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for more shots over the next several weeks!



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