Back In Town

Racquet & Tennis Club

St. Bart

Arch of St. Bart

30th St

Cira at Dusk

Dingy Chinese Neon

Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils II

Kurt Vile

City Hall Tower

City Hall Tower II

Chinese Restaurant

Empty Lot in NoLibs

Homicides in Philadelphia

Chinese Neon

NJ Transit

Penn Underground

"Freak Train" - Childish Prodigy This weekend, as you may or may not be able to tell, I was in Philly, and it was wonderful. On Friday, I did my architecture project, which was to draw and analyze the neo-Renaissance Racquet & Tennis Club by McKim, Meade & White, and then I stumbled upon a beautiful Byzantine style church called St. Bart’s, pictured second.

I took Friday night easy, and then left early in the morning on Saturday and took an Amtrak Keystone train into Philly. The train left at 10 after 9, and it was quite beautiful passing through the industrial areas of North Jersey. Watching the dawn break behind the Pulaski skyway and seeing the Industrial areas of North Philly in the early morning light was wonderful. I got into 30th St. Station at around 10:30, and then went to watch Villanova’s homecoming football game with my family. After that, I headed back to Philly with my brother, to stay at his apartment for the weekend as Jenny and I saw a concert. On Saturday night, we went to Union Transfer, ate cheap Chinese food across the street before the show started, talked to a homeless man, and then went in to the venue to see the show. Kurt Vile was playing, with Beach Fossils (who I had never heard of before) as his opener. Unbeknownst to me, Beach Fossils were fantastic, their lead singer is amazing and full of energy. Kurt Vile himself was a little underwhelming, due to the sound being kind of poor, but it was still amazing to see him, since he is really one of my heroes guitar wise.

On Sunday morning, we woke up somewhat early and went to Federal Donuts for breakfast, which I really wanted to try. Needless to say, the donuts were fantastic. We then walked down to Chinatown, passing City Hall, and admiring it for a little while, then made our way up to Northern Liberties. Seeing that most of the city was desolate on this fine Sunday afternoon, we decided to go back through Chinatown and into Reading Terminal for lunch. After that, we gazed at City Hall a while longer, and then made it back to the apartment before catching our respective trains home. It was quite a busy weekend, and I’m a little upset that some of my photos didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. These are the best of them, however, and I do really like most of these.

Keep an eye out for more photos coming soon, probably around NYC this weekend. I’m really excited by the amount of photos I’ve been shooting, and I’m trying to keep this trend up for a while longer, so hopefully there will be more photos by the beginning or middle of next week. Until next time…



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