Downtown Boston & Maine

The Departure Board




Red Sox Signage

Double Exposure


Mike's Pastry


York Beach

York Beach House

York Beach II

Cape Neddick

Dusk on Rt. 1

Twilight Tree

Over my fall break a week and a half ago, my family and I went on a short trip to Boston and Maine. I had never been to either before, and was really excited for the trip, as it’s been a lifelong fantasy of mine to go to Maine. I left NYC on Friday and took AMTRAK to Boston, the whole time taking in the scenery from the panoramic windows of the train and seeing quite a bit of the east coast, as well as some cities in Ct and RI that were pretty fascinating. After arriving in Boston and eating lunch, we walked a bit around downtown Boston, seeing some of the historic sites, as well as city hall (none of my pictures turned out too great unfortunately) and the markets around it. On Saturday, we walked a bit again in downtown, and went to Harvard’s campus to walk around. That night, my Dad, brother and I went to Fenway Park for the Red Sox vs. Tigers game, which was hands down the coolest baseball stadium I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere at Fenway was really lively, albeit angry since the Red Sox lost in what was almost a no hitter on Detroit’s part, but Fenway Park was still really cool. Then on Sunday, we went to the North End of Boston to see the Columbus Day parade and some of the Italian restaurants and churches in the area.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, we hit the road for Maine. We drove straight up I-95 for the most part, until reaching the exit for York Beach, a spot I’ve always wanted to see. (Much of one my favorite photographer’s (Nick LaVecchia) work is from York Beach). York Beach was one of my favorite beaches I’ve ever seen. When we arrived, it was chilly, with an ocean breeze, and mushy waves in the water. There were so many surfers out, though, and I’ve resolved to make it back to York Beach one day to surf since it was so awesome. After that, we drove up to Kennebunkport where we stayed for the next two nights. On Tuesday, we drove back to Boston, where I caught my train back to NYC. I really enjoyed the trip to Maine, which fulfilled one of my greatest travel fantasies. We only touched the tip of the iceberg, but alas I will again one day visit Maine, and there will be more photos.

I ended up taking a lot of photos in New York this weekend, and I have more photos from New York from a few weeks back, so they will be up sometime soon. Keep an eye out for them, and as always thanks for checking these out. Hope you enjoyed them!



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