The First Week

Basketball Net in SoHo

Rooftop Gardens


Graffiti Door

Subway Tunnel

Street in West Village

Waverly Diner

Brooklyn Bridge

These photos are of my first week here in New York. As some of you may know, I recently made the transition to NYU, the school that I wanted to go to originally. Last year while at F&M, I realized how much I really wanted to be in a city, and how I would like to major in architecture, so I applied for transfer admission to several schools, and was accepted, thankfully, to NYU. NYC has been great to me so far. My classes have been interesting, and I have had someĀ time to walk and explore the city. Already it’s been everything that I hoped it would be, and I’m really happy with my choice.

These shots are mostly snapshots of a few things I saw during the first week of school on walks through the West Village. I have a ton more photos to come this weekend when I get my film back that includes bridges, rivers, skylines, and (of course) graffiti. So keep an eye out for more photos this weekend, and quite possibly a lot more digital photos since film is expensive and I remembered that I have a digital camera. Check back again this weekend for more!



2 thoughts on “The First Week”

  1. Chris, the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge with the skyline in the background looks surreal.

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