Quintessentially Delphian

by chrisgiuliano

Citizen's Bank Powelton Village Street F*** Reality Van In The Road The Communist Building John's Roast Pork Roast Pork Sandwich Battersea Wannabe 9th Street Meat Shop Rowhouse Roast Pork Signage FDR Ice Cream Truck Stop Rape Mosaic Art and Dumpster Art "KV Crimes" - Kurt Vile The past few weeks have pretty eventful. Between working a lot, visiting and entertaining various friends, and everything else, I’ve been pretty busy. Last week and the week before, I had taken a lot of pictures, only to realize there was no film in my camera. So, after a lot of anger and a few face palms, I decided to re-photograph some of the things I saw in Philadelphia. and to do some other things. So, on Monday, me and my friend Jenny went to the Delphia to take some pictures of Mantua and Powelton Village, Johns’s Roast Pork and parts of Southeast Philly, FDR, the Italian Market, and Christian Street. Between the wonderful urban feeling of Mantua and Powelton Village, the fantastic Roast Pork sandwich at John’s, and the charm of John’s Water Ice on Christian St., I would say we had a quintessentially Philly day. And speaking of quintessentially Philly things, a Kurt Vile song is included with this post (click on the small album cover next to this paragraph). Kurt is a highly acclaimed musician born and raised in the Delphia, whose music is fantastic. Enjoy, and until next time…