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The Camp


Bumper Stickers

Walking In

Big Cheese

Blue Skies

Horse Head Soup

Tor Y Moi

The World Spinning

MGMT - "Time To Pretend" Last week, I went to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, De. This was my first camping festival (I went to Electric Daisy Carnival in New York last year, but stayed in the city), and I have to say it was pretty amazing.  Overall, the Festival was a lot of fun, and I got to see some bands that I’ve been dying to see (Alabama Shakes, MGMT, Toro Y Moi) and some that I don’t really listen to, but have been successfully turned on to thanks to the festival.

Anyway, these are some of the shots I took during my stay at Dover Speedway (where the festival was held), I unfortunately didn’t get as close up as I would have liked for a few sets, so some of my shots didn’t turn out too great, but these are some of the ones I really liked. They were all taken with a disposable camera.

And some pretty big news, I recently made my own official website http://www.chrisgiuliano.com/ so please check it out and browse the galleries there!



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