Streets, Subways, and Skylines – A Visit to NYC

Corner Building

In The Village

Subway Scenes

Tea at McNulty's


North of the Square

Brooklyn Bridge Station


Postcard of Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Bridge


Record Store in the Village

Westsider Books

Empty Station

Rising to the Heavens

The View Towards Brooklyn

Jersey City Skyline from the Battery

 As you may or may not have heard via facebook, I have been accepted to NYU as a transfer. Since NYU was my first choice out of high school, I’m really excited. So, to celebrate, and to keep my Dad some company on a short trip for business, me and Nick went to NYC for a few days to check things out around The Village, where NYU is located, and to explore the city a little.

We did a lot in the two days of exploring that we had, going all over the city from the Financial District all the way up to the Upper West Side, where Nick used to live. Needless to say, we did a lot of walking, and quite a bit of subway riding. I’m really excited to be living in New York next year though, it’s such a huge city, and there are practically endless things to do. I really enjoyed looking at the architecture of the city, and I went to visit a few buildings that I have always wanted to see, including 1 WTC and 8 Spruce Street, and the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The architecture in New York is so varied, there are so many different styles of buildings, and every building is unique. It was great to finally get to see some of the buildings that I love but have never seen in real life. Nick and I were able to see some of these buildings from the 45th floor of 7 WTC, since my Dad was working there, and see the skyline of Midtown Manhattan and parts of Downtown, and the view was breathtaking. The second to last photo is the view towards Brooklyn.

In an unfortunate series of events, CVS destroyed two rolls of film from Philly trips and one roll from Bermuda. I had a lot more photos to post before this, but they are all just memories now. I’ve resolved to never use CVS for developing film again. I am definitely going to have more photos this summer as I travel around the area and do different things. I’m trying to take pictures a little more frequently than I have been, but there will definitely be more in the near future, so keep checking back!

Also, check out Melody’s Echo Chamber. Click the small album cover next to the text, and listen to the song that was stuck in my head whilst walking the streets.



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