A Weekend in the Burgh


Pittsburgh Train Shed

Smithfield Street Bridge

Riding the Bus

Kielbasa Galore

The Cheese Shop


Cigar & Coffee Lounge

Biscotti Jars

Under a Bridge

Fileting a Fish


Beans in a Middle Eastern Market


Skyline View from the Mt.

South Side Record Store

Frilly Windows

Security Guard

Street on Mt. Washington

Northern Suffolk Railroad

Nick on the Monongahela

Looking Down the Monongahela

Half the Skyline by Night

I spent this weekend in Pittsburgh, visiting my friend Nick who goes to PITT. I think when most people think of Pittsburgh (like myself), they tend to think of factories, industrialization, and nothing to do. I have to be honest, although there are definitely still a lot of factories and railroads, Pittsburgh was not quite what I was expecting it to be. When I got in the first night, me, Nick and Gordon walked around the Business District in Downtown Pittsburgh and then got dinner. The next day, me and Nick walked around the city for 8 hours, walking from the Strip District to Downtown to Mt. Washington to South Side. The Strip District was probably my favorite out of the neighborhoods that we went to. The Strip is basically Pittsburgh’s Italian Market, but more ethnically mixed, and slightly more authentic than the modern day Philly Italian Market.

Next we walked through Downtown, looking at the skyscrapers and marveling at the obscure dome that sits atop the Keenan Building and the outstanding Two Mellon Center. We walked across downtown and up Mount Washington to get a good view of the skyline, and sat on top of the mountain for a little while taking in one of the best skyline views I’ve ever seen. Then, we walked down to the South Side of the city, to the banks of the Monongahela, and found another one of the coolest views of the city. We walked down Carson Street for a little while, which was a really cool and young neighborhood. Finally, we walked back across the river through Schenley Park, and then took the night easy before catching my train in the morning at 7:30. Unfortunately I was out of film by morning, but I really wish I had more because the city was quite beautiful at sunrise.

Pittsburgh really impressed me with its vibrancy and diversity between neighborhoods. There’s a lot to do in a very small area, which I guess is one of the advantages of living in a smaller city. Pittsburgh is definitely a cool place to be, a young, vibrant city with plenty of “things to do”, yet still connected to its legacy of industrial might and output. There were a lot of cool factory buildings still in use, and many that have been adaptively reused, which I really loved to see. I really enjoyed my stay in Pittsburgh, although it was brief, and I will definitely visit again sometime in the future. Hope you like the photos and keep an eye out for more posts to come in the spring!



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