Under The Bridge

Main Box

Over The Boob

Under The Bridge

Gapping the Transition

Tossed Shoes

Keech Piece

Center Humps

Speed Lines
BDC Pillar

Ellie Goudling - "In My City"These photos are from FDR skatepark in Philly again. I’ve been skating a lot recently, especially since it’s been getting warmer, and on Thursday of last week I headed down to FDR with my friend Rachel to take photos and skate. I shot a few of the guys who were skating down there, and skated for about two hours myself, and it was amazing. This was the first time I ever really skated the park, but it’s known to be the best on the East Coast, or at least in the Northeast. And it did not disappoint.

This weekend I’m heading out to Pittsburgh to visit Nicholas, so I will definitely have photos of that trip by mid next week. It should be fun to explore a city that I’ve never really seen too much. I’m extremely excited about the wonderful weather, too, so expect more photos as I actually walk around outside more and take more photos.



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