Under The Bridge

Against The Wall

Bowl Graffiti

The Park


In the Halfpipe

Keech #2

"Attic Doctor" - Youth Lagoon Today, Morgan and I explored FDR skatepark in the southern reaches of Philadelphia. I’ve been skating a lot recently and been taking full advantage of the brand new skatepark in my town over the break. I really wanted to check this park out though, because it’s a holy land for any skateboarder from the Philly area. Originally built in 1994 by the city of Philadelphia to get rid of skateboarders in Center City, the park has been improved upon by the people who skate it everyday and built up into the mega-park that it is today. The park lies under the I-95 overpass in FDR park (which itself was built out of swamps and wetlands to host a lackluster World’s Fair, just an interesting side-note), and serves as the main skatepark of the city of Philadelphia.

The cool thing about FDR though is that it’s not just for skateboarders, but it’s a breeding ground for local graffiti artists. Not an inch of space lies unpainted or untagged on the ramps, and it’s really cool to see all the different artwork. I think the coolest pieces are the ones in photos 4, 7 & 10.

I will definitely be back here to skate one day after school is over for the semester, and I will absolutely bring my camera along. Expect more photos from FDR sometime in May/June, but for now I hope you enjoy these, because I love them!



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