In the Underground

9th Street

Philadelphia Record Exchange

Mellon Bank Center

Meat & Antipasto

Record Bins



Nixon Is Not A Crook!

Causers of This The first week of Spring Break. Sorry I haven’t had many photos recently. I’ve been busy with schoolwork, and just simply uninterested in taking photos around school. There’s not much I can really shoot out where I am, and pretty much my only post from fall summed up all of the shots I wanted to get at school, so now I’m empty. There’s still plenty left to shoot at home, though, and on Monday, me and the infamous Nicholas took a trip to Philly to stroll around. We walked around Market West, gazing at skyscrapers, and indulging my love for the Mellon Bank Center and walked to the Italian Market, and then briefly through Old City. I do love Philadelphia. I can’t wait to see how the city develops over my lifetime, because there’s so much potential, everywhere. Development can only increase from here, and with the city finally taking initiatives to promote development, I think Philadelphia may become a top American city again within the next 20 years.

These shots are just some things I think are cool in Philadelphia. In fact, almost all of my shots are simply things that I think are cool. I like to take photos to preserve memories and portray the things I love. Recently, I’ve been on an urban kick, and I only want to take photos in cities. I love the feel of cities, the amount of people in them, and the amount of things to do and see and eat. Cities offer so much to enrich us as people, and I literally cannot wait to live in a city when I am older. More photos to come this weekend, from FDR skatepark under I-95, because I haven’t been there yet, and really want to go, since I’ve also been getting back into skateboarding. It feels good to be skating again. Thanks for checking this out, and if you like my photos, feel free to comment on here or on the facebook page! I love it when people show that they like the way I see the world.



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