Film in Philly


Philadelphia Record Exchange

Chinese Duck

Museum of Art

Modern Art


Art Museum Polaroid

Tomatoe & Mozzarella


2nd Looking South

Washed Out - Feel It All AroundWinter Break was pretty good to me. Besides spraining my ankle and being bedridden for a week (during which time I watched unhealthy amounts of Always Sunny), I did quite a bit. Although I don’t have a ton of pictures, I think the ones I do have are a good summary of the random kind of stuff I’ve done over break. A trip to Chinatown, rides on the PATCO, skyscraper gazing, and listening to lots of records. Definitely more photos over the course of winter, hopefully it snows soon, but it’s been pretty warm lately. Anyway, hope you enjoy these, and the song posted with them, which is amazing, and stay tuned for more photos eventually.



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