The Beginning

by chrisgiuliano

Reading Terminal Sign

Film 38

Film 41

Film 39

Film 43

Film 45

Film 46

Tube & Berger - Surfin'This past month was the start of my winter break. So far it’s been great. I’ve been keeping quite busy with Christmas shopping and haven’t taken a ton of photos, but I will definitely take some more now that Christmas has passed. These photos are from the Reading Terminal Market in Philly, which is one of the coolest markets I’ve ever set foot in. It’s basically a massive grocery store with anything you will ever want to eat. If you live near Philly and have never gone, you need to make the trip. The last few photos are from walking around Philly and the final shot is 6th Ave. in New York. I recently went up to watch the production of “A Christmas Story”, which was pretty funny. Anyway, hope you had a good Christmas, and enjoy these photos and the ones to come!