Wharton State Forest

This weekend, Nick and I explored the Pines. We found the border of Wharton State Forest, the largest undeveloped tract of land in NJ. The forest is really beautiful and definitely the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to. We rode down the numerous sand roads and enjoyed the complete peace that the Pines so graciously offer. If you’ve never gotten out to experience this area, I’d highly recommend trying it. If you haven’t figured out by now, I love the Pinelands, and this discovery got me really psyched, especially since this area is so close to my house.

Unfortunately, this will probably be the end of my Pine Barrens photomania for this Spring, as I will most likely be heading down the shore every weekend now, meaning the bulk of my photos should revolve around surfing and such. Two things to look for: 1) This weekend is Memorial Weekend, which should be fun and produce a good amount of photos. 2) I have a new project in mind, inspired by and somewhat similar to Morgan Maasen’s Fantasy Land, so keep an eye out, cause that’s only making it to the facebook page. Thanks for checking things out.



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