Pine Barrens Miscellania

This weekend, while exploring the Pine Barrens, I happened upon the Jersey Devil’s house. It was buried in the woods off of a sand road and near a beautiful lake. The Jersey Devil Legend began long ago, in the early 1800’s, when a woman by the name of Leed, who had 12 children, explained that she didn’t care if her 13th child was the devil. Apparently, her 13th child was the devil, and he ran away from home soon after birth. He grew to a colossal size, some say more than 10 feet tall, and has been terrorizing the Pine Barrens ever since. He has been said to raid houses and eat small children and steal livestock.  Also, an interesting note, there was a mailboxnear his house. I never knew the Jersey devil got mail.

If you’re as interested in the Pine Barrens as I am, and you want to learn more about them, I’d recommend John Mcphee’s “The Pine Barrens”. It’s a great book, though written in the 1960’s about the people, ecology and folklore of the Pine Barrens.

Jersey Strawberries are out, which is really rare for this early in the year. Definitely pick some up at your local farm market. 2 more weeks until Memorial Day Weekend, so keep an eye out for that, other than that, not much going on in the next short while.



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