Easter Break Part II: Aero-Haven Desert

by chrisgiuliano

Today Nick and I went to the desert of New Jersey. This place was amazing, a vast expanse of desert like area, with random trees and bushes in various places. The area used to be the site of the Aero-Haven Airport of South Jersey, a small 12 plane airport with a large set of runways and a few buildings. In the 1950’s-1970’s the airport was frequented by small plane owners, and flourished financially. However, in the late 70’s, its founder was booted and the airport was taken over by new management. The new management was a disaster, and the port was closed in 1981. However, there had been sightings by locals of late night landings and take offs, and rumors began circulating. Investigations revealed that drugs were being imported and exported through the small airport, and so the township began dumping sand and dirt on the runways, rendering the airport unusable. More sand has blown in since then, making it the desert it currently is.

Hope you enjoyed this history lesson and these photos, and check back tomorrow for some shore photos, as I’ll be hitting the shore for some hopefully half decent waves. The Easter Break deluge  continues…