Easter Break Part I: Puerto Rico

by chrisgiuliano

This first week of Easter Break, my family and I took a trip to Puerto Rico. The first two days there, we didn’t do much, but the third day we took a boat trip to Palomino Island. Though overcrowded, Palomino Island was really nice, and I got a few great shots of neighboring islands. The fourth day, Easter Sunday, we drove to Fajardo to go to mass. The mass there was extremely lively, and everyone was singing and clapping along with he guitar music that the priest was playing. It was very different from mass in America. The fifth day, we went to a different section of the island, and went to San Juan. The old district of San Juan (Old San Juan) is home to many colorful buildings, crowded streets, stray cats and perfect photo oppurtunities.

Above are my favorite shots, mostly of Fajardo and San Juan. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and check back later this week, as I’ll be posting some more photos of the return of Spring to New Jersey.