Park City & The Canyons

I recently took a trip out to Utah, to stay with some family friends and snowboard a bit. It was an awesome trip, on which I met some really cool people and got some equally cool photos and videos.

The first day, I snowboarded Park City, and got some sick shots of the halfpipe riders, and I hooked up with Brenden Chadwick for some shots of him handplanting the halfpipe. I unfortunately shot no footage, but I got some awesome photos. The second day, we hit the Canyons, where I shot and filmed the terrain park riders. On the third day we went back to the Canyons, where our hosts for the trip, Vic and Nick had a snowboarding competition. They’re featured in the last 3 shots. They ended up placing fifth, but it was their first competition, and I definitely enjoyed watching and shooting it. Unfortunately, our stay was only a short one, as we headed back on Sunday to New Jersey, which was somehow colder than Utah. (?) Hope you enjoyed the photos and video, and check back next week for some more photos of the Dirty Jerz!


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