Thanksgiving Week

25 things/people I’m thankful for: God, friends, Sea Isle City, New Jersey, cloudy days, sunsets, cameras, John Frusciante, surfing, cheese pie, the Pine Barrens, family, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, music in general, ideas, happiness, light, dark, school, life, water, phones, parents, pain, traveling.

Check back on Sunday for more photos of surfing. Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week”

  1. yum looks like you had a nice thanksgiving! i like your “thankful list”…..cheese pie? like cheescake you mean? im confused. and school too? what a good child you are ahha

  2. Cheese pie is like cheese cake. My grandmom makes it sooo good.
    And without school, I’d have absolutely nothing to do, so I guess it’s good. Not saying I like the work, though

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog here through your facebook group, which showed up on my feed. I couldn’t help but admire all of your photography, you’re quite talented. You said you are thankful for the Chili Peppers and John Frusciante, my favorite musicians. Just thought I’d let you know you have one more person following your page. Keep it coming, you have my attention.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments! I’ve been working extremely hard with my photography the past couple years, and started this blog a little less than a year ago. I’m glad you share the same musical interests as me.
      You’re welcome to become a fan of the page to get information as to when this page is updated. Just about every week I update it.

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