Nor’easter at 8th

View Fom The Boardwalk

Black Hole Barrel

First Wave of the Day

Pulling Out

Preparing to head out

Running Out



Rob Kelly's Monster Barrel

Keenan Spraying


Grinder II


Freight Train

Sidwalk Submerged

As many people may know, the Jersey shore has been getting battered by heavy rain, surf and strong winds for the past couple of days. Many roads and bridges are closed off, and a ton of roads are flooded. I was able to go down the shore on Saturday (courtesy of Chris Norcross and family) and take a look at how well Ocean City survived.

Saturday morning we drove down the shore in good time. We arrived around 10 and found that the waves were big and sloppy. Then we drove into town to check out what was going on. At first, we went all the way to the North end of the island, only to find that roads and beaches were blocked off, so, we drove down to 8th street instead, where it was bombing and pretty clean. I took a ton of pictures over there. After about 2 1/2 hours, Chris paddled out and I stayed on the beach, and found that a whole crew had just arrived at 8th street, and were heading in the water. The crew was an all star lineup: Rob Kelly, Andrew Gesler, Matt Keenan and Sam Hammer, among others. With some of the Garden State’s best surfers in the water, I started filming and shooting a ton, and scored some great photos and footage. Soon thereafter, Chris got out and we  looked at some of the flooded streets and finally went home.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Check back next week and the following week for my Thansgiving break photos.



3 thoughts on “Nor’easter at 8th”

  1. awesome pics Chris! love the video too great job i cant believe i missed that i wanted to go down so bad

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. It was epic down there. I was so happy to shoot that swell instead of more lame fall foliage. hahaha

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