A Plethora of Gold & Red

Maple Leaf on Moss

Orange Maple Leaves

Red Maples

October Maple Leaves

Orange Maple Leaves

I’ve said this a couple of times already, but this weekend is truly the return of fall. Almost all of the leaves have changed, and quite a few have fallen to the ground. The maple leaves are the best shooting oppurtunity right now, as they’re saturated with incredible golds, reds, and yellows. The colors on them are so incredible. And the oak trees around me normally just turn borwn and then wither and die out, but this year, they’ve made an incredible last stand. They turned mostly on Thursday, and they went from yellow-gold-brown and they still haven’t fallen off the branches yet. Right now my area is a forest of gold, yellow and red. And I love it.

I was sick last weekend. The lack of photos I guess showed that, but I’ll explain anways. I contracted a sickness on Friday night, and then it developed the next day. It turned into a viscious fever+cold combo. I wasn’t able to even get out to take pictures. I got over my sickness on Wednesday, and was able to shoot some photos this weekend.

I was also able to film some of the foliage, and put it into a video along with some surfing footage I took last September. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/7251320

I’ll be taking more foliage shots the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out and check back next week. Thanks for visiting.



4 thoughts on “A Plethora of Gold & Red”

  1. you are definitely right..this weekend really was the turn of fall. it seemed like all of the trees magically turned red and yellow overnight haha so pretty isnt it? I went pumpkin and apple picking today- how fallish is that? haha I was also sick last week- at least we got it over with haha

    1. Yeah, they all just turned and made my area (and I guess most of the Northeast) look incredible. One more week left until the trees are bare.
      I swear this sickness has been traveling the nation. haha It’s everywhere

      1. not looking forward to the bare trees- its too pretty now! haha it really traveling the nation- just be lucky you arent at loyola- every other kid you talk to has swine flu haha

  2. Yeah, we’re almost bare around here 😦 But it’s the same way at Eustace, a little over 100 kids have been out sick.

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